At Timbawood we specialise in the finest Edwardian front doors, often characterised by ornate features such as decorative panelling, stained glass, side lights and top lights.

As experts in timber doors for period, conservation and listed properties, every Edwardian front door is handmade in our London workshop, as we carefully match the details of your existing Edwardian door while upgrading security and performance

Our glazed and solid Edwardian doors include a choice of high security hardware, long lasting microporous paint, and specialist glazing options including laminated security glass and acoustic glass for enhanced sound insulation.

We use the finest durable timbers such as Accoya or Oak, and can sensitively replicate those classic Edwardian features that make the front door the focal point of an Edwardian home.

With Edwardian doors from Timbawood, you can always expect:

  • Accoya timber for optimum thermal efficiency and durability, with alternative options in Oak
  • Detailed technical drawings to match existing panels and mouldings or create a new design of your choice
  • Specialist glazing options including slimline double glazing that looks like single glazing, acoustic, laminated and restoration glass
  • High security hardware, with security hinge bolts and Era nightlatch and deadlock as standard
  • Factory applied spray paint finish with long lasting microporous paint, in the full RAL range or matched to a colour of your choice
  • Full weather detailing for long term performance
  • Full perimeter draught proofing
  • Full design, supply and install service, including removing your existing door


Step back in time to the Edwardian Britain of the early 20th century, a period that shared its style with the grandeur of the Victorian era, but had its own unique flair. The front doors of this era were more than just entrances; they were statements of wealth and taste, leaving a lasting impression on anyone passing by.

As the Edwardian era dawned, front door designs became more intricate and unique. Glass panels often included beautiful stained glass designs, and the doors often featured elegant curves, top lights and side lights.

Embracing the Victorian legacy of grandeur, many Edwardian front doors boasted multiple leaded glass panes and combinations of stained glass with textured glass to create a striking effect. Intricate panelling and moulding designs added an extra element of individuality and decoration.

But the Edwardians also knew the power of simplicity. Among the lavish designs, you’d often find elegant four-panelled doors, tastefully complemented by etched glass panels, exuding a sense of understated elegance.

Regardless of a property’s style or social standing, one thing was clear: an imposing front door was an absolute must for every Edwardian homeowner. Today, this timeless trend still captures our hearts, inspiring homeowners to embrace the grandeur and originality of the past.


What did Edwardian doors look like?

The Edwardian front door is a focal point of Edwardian properties, with lots of decorative features such as ornate panelling, stained glass, and decorative porches. The Edwardian era saw carved door panels and frames decorated in a wide range of painted colours. They often used contrasting shades for added effect. Often the doors featured a large glazed overhead top light and side lights to add to the decorative effect allow lots of light into the hallway.

What colour did Edwardians paint their front doors?

Bright primary and secondary colours were common during the Edwardian period. Blues, reds and greens were particularly popular, in rich vibrant tones.

How do I identify an Edwardian house?

An Edwardian property is often characterised by:

  • Mock-Tudor cladding
  • Six over two panel sash windows
  • Larger glass panes
  • Large proportions
  • Ornate designs influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement
  • Timber framed porches

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