Sash hook fasteners

At Timbawood we are pleased to announce we are now offering our sash window hardware with a choice of 8 finishes.

This is to give our customers greater flexibility when choosing the final look of their windows, as well as ensuring that, even with the more unusual finishes, every detail of the hardware matches – right down to the sash stop locks and pulleys.

At Timbawood we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and ensuring that our sash windows faithfully match the original period windows.

That is why we are delighted to be able to offer our clients such a broad range of sash window hardware options, to match the style of any period property, with every hardware element within each window being coordinated to that chosen finish. We are also happy to fit custom designs supplied by our customers, if they prefer.

Our ‘Curved Neck’ sash lifts and our ‘Forged Hook’ fasteners are now available in the following finishes –

Polished brass

Polished chrome

Satin chrome

Satin nickel

Polished stainless steel

Oil rubbed bronze

Antique brass

Antique pewter

We also offer our ‘Prestige’ sash lifts, as well as alternative styles of fasteners (Fitch, Brighton, Reeded Arm and Straight Arm) in polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome and satin nickel. All pulleys and sash stop locks are designed to match the finish of the fasteners.

Please see our window hardware page for the full range of options.

For five of the finishes, we are able to match our sash window hardware with our casement window hardware. So if your property features a combination of sash windows and casement windows, we can ensure an exact match of hardware throughout, to give an elegant, coordinated look throughout the property.

If you would like to find out more about the various options available for your sash windows, casement windows or range of timber doors, please get in touch for a free quote or expert advice from one of our team.

Prestige sash liftsCurved neck sash lifts

Pictured above: Prestige Sash Lifts range in four finishes, and Curved Neck Sash Lifts range in eight finishes (click on images to enlarge).