Double glazed sash windows

Fitting bespoke period sash windows to existing frames is one of the key types of restoration work that we carry out at Timbawood, being a popular choice for listed buildings and conservation properties – particularly replacing single glazed sashes with double glazed sashes.

By fitting exact-match sash windows to existing frames rather than replacing the entire window and frame, it is possible to increase the security and insulation performance of your windows, while maintaining as much of the original character and fabric of the property as possible.

It means that the sash can be replaced and upgraded without disturbing the original shutter boxes, architraves or seals between the window and the brickwork, which reduces installation time and removes the need to re-render or repaint any of the walls. It is also a more cost effective option than replacing the window and the frame.

It is the ideal option if the sash window itself is beyond economical repair, or it has been poorly replaced in the past with a window that isn’t faithful to the original design, for example if the new design hasn’t replicated the original section sizes, mouldings and glazing bars.

The performance of the window can also be improved with features such as slimline double-glazing that looks just like single glazing, and modern draught-proofing, without compromising the original character of the property. 

As you can see on the listed building above, where new, exact-match sash windows have been fitted to existing frames and double glazed with slimline double glazing, it is possible to restore such a historic property while improving the comfort and security for the owners.

Double glazed sash windows London

Traditional Georgian sash windows

Are you looking to double glaze your sash windows, without compromising the look of your property?

Timbawood is a London based sash window company, specialising in sash windows repair, sash window replacement and part replacement for period, conservation and listed properties. We specialise in double glazing timber windows in a sensitive, elegant manner so that homeowners can have all the benefits of double glazing without having to compromise on the design of their windows.

Our double glazed sash windows are characterised by their slim profile sections, fine mouldings and slender glazing bars, in keeping with the look of single glazed heritage windows. As specialists in bespoke sash windows for listed, conservation and period properties, our double glazed windows have been approved by planning authorities in over 25 boroughs throughout London and the South East*.

For architecturally sensitive properties, we use slimline double glazing which has the same or better insulation performance as regular double glazing, due to the type of gas used. We also have a range of specialist glass options to choose from, including acoustic glass for extra sound insulation, laminated security glass, and restoration glass for heritage buildings.

Not many sash window companies in London also offer sash window repair. So rather than completely replacing or part replacing a sash window, we are able to carry out repair work on some original sash windows – which is particularly important for listed buildings or buildings in conservation areas – as well as being more cost effective. The repair work includes draught-proofing, deglazing and reglazing, and repairing sections of timber.

To find out more about any of our products or to speak to one our specialists about the options available, please get in touch.

*Please contact your local planning officer before carrying out any works on listed or conservation properties. Each property is judged on a case by case basis depending on the condition and type of the windows/doors, and the nature of the proposed works.