Glazing period windows: Casement window with glazing bars

At Timbawood we pride ourselves in offering our clients a vast range of options for glazing period windows and doors, whether that is within our timber box sash windows, casement windows, French doors, bifold doors or front doors.

We offer a bespoke solution for each project, so please get in touch if you have particular requirements, but here is a rundown of the main glazing specifications we are able to offer, which include –

  • Double glazing, slimline double glazing and single glazing
  • Restoration glass
  • Acoustic glass
  • Laminated security glass
  • Patterned and opaque glass.

Slimline double glazing

Slimline double glazing, that looks just like single glazing, is the perfect solution for traditional windows and doors on period properties – to maximise energy efficiency without compromising on the authentic look of the property. We specialise in sensitively replacing traditional timber windows on period, conservation and listed properties, which feature discreet double glazing.

Units can be made from as slim as 11mm and can have U values (measuring energy efficiency) as low as 1.2W/m2K. One of the panes can also be made with acoustic/ laminated glass for extra security and insulation, or restoration glass for the authentic period look. 

Restoration glass

Glazing options - float glass, machine-drawn and hand-drawn glass

The outer pane of glass of slimline double glazing, or single glazed windows, can be made with restoration glass, which replicates the uneven surface of the original heritage or ‘crown glass’ (above right), as opposed to the flatter look of modern float glass (above left). This can help to give period windows, particularly on listed and conservation properties, an authentic variable reflection.

Laminated and acoustic glass

If you live in a noisy area or need extra security, we can also fit our range of windows and doors with acoustic glass or laminated security glass.

Laminated security glass can be included in single or double glazing, and is a type of safety glass which is held together when shattered by a plastic ‘interlayer’. Laminated glass also improves the noise insulation of a window, as the plastic interlayer absorbs sound waves.

Acoustic glass, like laminated security glass, also includes a plastic interlayer – but can improve noise insulation even further than laminated glass – reducing sound levels in a room by up to 50%.

Laminated and acoustic glass also reduce UV rays from the sun by 99%, to minimise the bleaching and fading of fabrics and hardwood flooring.

Front door with 'stained glass' coloured film

Patterned and opaque glass

At Timbawood we also offer a wide variety of patterned and opaque glass, ideal for rooms that require more privacy such as bathrooms, or for patterned glazing within front doors, for example. We can replicate most original designs  – including original stained glass designs – or can preserve and encapsulate an original piece of stained glass within a triple glazed unit.

The above example features a stained glass design as the outer pane of a double glazed unit. 

To find out more about our range of products, including sash windows, casement windows, front doors, french doors and bifold doors, and for more information about the types of glazing available, please get in touch to speak to one of our experts or to arrange a free survey or quotation.